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Raredvds Etc. is a licensed Search, Acquisition and Movie provider and Manufactured On Demand Service for our Pure Movie Loving Clientele across the Globe.,We are a , company with 10 years in the field, based in Colombo, serving a vast customer base domastically and internationally.We have the best hard to find, Out of Print and Old Movies that never get into the DVD versions. These DVDs are very rare which you can not find from any retailers, but we collect them and trasffered from Laser Disc, VHS to the Best Quality DVDs which allows you to enjoy them from your Brand New Home Entertaiment Studio or and DVD playable Devices in any Region.

Our mail goal is to bring back old memories or yours which are hidden in some lovely old, classical movies that you watched in your childhood. We Raredvds.net acquire some “Lost” or Unavailable rare titiles that you can find hard to find and we collect them directly from Studio contacts, Private Movie Collectors, Licenable Movie Preserves and many other sources.

Raredvds.net always priortize our beloved customers first and helps them to find what they want most. In our wide range of collecion we have HOLLYWOOD , television products, old movies from different nations, Eg: Japanese, Indian, Spanish, Russian too.

We welcome all of our guests to reach us and own your loving movie and bring back your loving memories with it.

Thank you.

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