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The Arcane League of Legends 2021 DVD  Movie is now available for purchase. Features  Hailee Steinfeld, Kevin Alejandro, and  Jason Spisak as the Main Cast. Best Quality DVD-R Transfer with Affordable and Fast Shipping Worldwide. Includes Cover art in a 7mm Plastic DVD case.

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The Storyline of Arcane League of Legends

the delicate balance between Piltover, a wealthy city, and Zaun, a squalid underbelly. In Zaun, a new narcotic called shimmer turns people into monsters, while in Piltover, hextech, a technique for anybody to control magical energy, is creating tensions between both city-states. While Arcane brings to life the connections that mold some of League of Legends’ well-known champions, like Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, Jayce, and Viktor, the rivalry between the cities divides families and friends.

Movie Details

Release date
November 7, 2021 (United Kingdom)

Countries of origin
United States France

Official sites
Instagram Netflix


Also known as
Arcane: League of Legends

Source of Info  – IMDB

Main Cast

Hailee Steinfeld Hailee Steinfeld  Vi   10 episodes, 2021
Kevin Alejandro Kevin Alejandro  Jayce  9 episodes, 2021
Jason Spisak Jason Spisak  Silco

Source ” IMDB

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All the DVDs are made out of Best Quality DVD-R Discs with Colour Disc art.


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Release Date

November 7, 2021 (United Kingdom)


9 Episodes


Region Free – Play Worldwide

Shipping & Packaging

Bubble wrap package
High-Quality DVD-R Disc on Printed Lable and 7mm Jewel Case with Cover Art.




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