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Disney’s production Halloweentown Rare DVD Movie Series now available to purchase in our store. All 4 movies in 2 DVD set with High-Quality transfer from LaserDisc.Reserve your Halloweentown Rare DVD Set and Enjoy – Free Shipping available Worldwide for any Purchases.

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The storyline 101 of Halloweentown DVD Collection

Halloweentown 1998

In the Halloweentown DVD Collection, Halloweentown is the first Movie released in 1998 which refers to the life of Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie Piper are off on their first adventure of many! When Marnie is struggling with her mother Gwen on Halloween, the children’s grandma Aggie pays them a visit.

Marnie’s witch training must begin before her 13th birthday, or Marnie’s powers will be lost forever. But Aggie’s visit is for a certain cause. Something mysterious and sinister is emerging in Halloweentown, and Aggie is determined to stop it. help in the fight against it When Aggie and Gwen are debating, Marnie notices Aggie using spells. Marnie, Dylan, and, unbeknownst to Marnie and Dylan, Sophie, accompany Aggie onto the return bus after she leaves to return Halloweentown. Gwen joins the kids Halloweentown not long after.

Aggie and Gwen are targeted by a shadowy entity in a movie theatre while they are there. Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie sprint to the finish line.

Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge

Except for their grandma, who lives in Halloweentown, a place where monsters go to avoid life, the Cromwell family lives in the real world. However, the son of the Cromwells’ old foe Kalabar has devised a scheme to use the grandmother’s book to convert Halloweentown into a bleak, bleak version of the real world, thus turning the real world’s inhabitants into monsters. Just Marnie, a nascent witch, is left.

Halloweentown High

In this made-for-cable special, Marnie and her friends from Halloweentown return. Marnie is a young witch who lives in the village of Halloweentown with her supernatural relatives. Marnie and her friends want to go to high school in the local mortal community, where they’ll be able to spend more time with kids their age, and she’ll be able to do that with the help of her grandmother Aggie persuade the town council to accept the recommendation, However, there is a catch: if something bad occurs as a result of Marnie and her friends’ presence in the mortal school, they will forfeit their magical abilities.

Trouble does find its way to the academy, but not in the way everyone expected: the Knight of the Iron Dagger arrives in the mortal world with the intention of annihilating Marnie and her magic companion.

Return to Halloweentown

Marnie and Dylan have completed high school and will attend Witch U Halloweentown for college. Marnie is given a full scholarship, but her mother, Gwen, does not want her daughter to attend Halloweentown High School, so she forces Dylan to accompany her.

Witches and warlocks are not permitted to use spells at the academy. Marnie quickly finds a new genie friend called Aneesa. Marnie quickly discovers. Marnie quickly learns that she is partially to blame for the school’s prohibition on the use of spells. A box with the name “S. Cromwell” engraved on it appears in front of her at one point. The majority of her classmates claim Marnie summoned the box with her spells, but it was destiny that gave it to her.

Technical Details

Runtime 1 hr 21 min (81 min) Halloweentown

1 hr 24 min (84 min) Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge

1 hr 22 min (82 min) Halloweentown High

1 hr 28 min (88 min) Return to Halloweentown

Sound Mix Stereo
Color Color
Aspect Ratio 1.33: 1
Negative Format 35 mm
Printed Film Format Video

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Released Date

1-17 October 1998 (USA)
2-12 October 2001 (USA)
3-8 October 2004 (USA)
4-29 October 2006 (UK)


84 Minutes – 85 Minutes


Region Free – Play Worldwide


Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske

Produced by


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Halloweentown High
Return to Halloweentown


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