Paint It Black DVD 1989


The paint it Black 1989 DVD  Movie is now available for purchase. Features Rick Rossovich,  Doug Savant, and  Julie Carmen as the Main Cast. Best Quality DVD-R Transfer with Affordable and Fast Shipping Worldwide. Includes Cover art in a 7mm Jewel case.

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The Storyline of Paint It Black

A serial killer covers his victims in modeling clay, and a local sculptor is accused of the crimes.

Movie Details

Release date
May 1989 (France)

Country of origin
United States


Also known as
Paint It Black – Im Dunkeln der Nacht

Filming locations
Santa Barbara, California, USA

Production Company
Vestron Pictures

Source of Info  – IMDB

Main Cast

Rick Rossovich Rick Rossovich Jonathan Dunbar
Doug Savant Doug Savant Eric Hinsley
Julie Carmen Julie Carmen Gina Bayworth
Sally Kirkland Sally Kirkland Marion Easton

Source ” IMDB

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All the DVDs are made out of Best Quality DVD-R Discs with Colour Disc art.


Weight 100 g
Release Date

May 1989 (France)


104 Minutes


Region Free – Play Worldwide


Tim Hunter , Roger Holzberg

Shipping & Packaging

Bubble wrap package
High-Quality DVD-R Disc on Printed Lable and 7mm Jewel Case with Cover Art.




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Handling Time

1-2 Business Days

Shipping Duration

Registered Post (with limited tracking) – 3/4 Weeks




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