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Here are some of the highlights of this restoration:

1. Full High Definition video

2. Audio noise reduction and repair

3. Shot-by-shot Color Correction

4. Flicker removal

5. Blemish repairs

6. Dirt and Scratch removal

7. RGB record realignment

8. Image Sharpening using both AI and standard algorithms.

9. More visible picture area (less cropping)

10. Stereo-enhanced audio

11. Image stabilization

12. Grain reduction

Great Offer! The storyline of the Song of the South

Song of the South is a popular American musical film produced by Walt Disney in 1946 and released by RKO Radio Pictures. Based on the story of Uncle Remus, written by Joel Chandler Harris, the film follows the adventures of 7-year-old Johnny (played by Bobby Driscoll), who becomes a, befriends Uncle Remus (played by James Baskett) while rebuilding his grandmother’s farm. life era.

Uncle Remus tells fascinating stories about the mischievous Blair Rabbit, Blair Fox, and Blair Bear, and Johnny learns valuable life lessons from these stories.

Disney had long wanted to make a film based on the story of Uncle Remus, but after negotiations with the Harris family, he finally secured the rights to him in 1939. Filming for Song of the South began in 1944 with several scenes shot in Hollywood on a farm in Phoenix, Arizona.

The film is primarily live-action but also includes three of his animated segments that were later released as standalone television features. Some scenes are a combination of live-action and animation. Song of the South premiered in his November 1946 in Atlanta and was a financial success. The song “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” won him the 1947 Academy Award for Best Original Song, and Baskett won an Honorary Award for his portrayal of Uncle Remus.

Despite its success, Song of the South has been the subject of controversy since its release. Critics have accused the film of racism and slurs for portraying African Americans and glorifying plantation life. As a result, Disney never released the film in home video format in the United States. However, the film’s characters have been popular for decades and have been featured in various books, cartoons, and other media. The theme park ride Splash Mountain is also based on the movie.


Seven-year-old Johnny, played by Bobby Driscoll, is looking forward to spending the holidays with his parents, John Sr. (Eric Rolfe) and Sally (Ruth Warrick), on his grandmother’s plantation in Georgia. But his joy was short-lived when he learned that his parents were going to be separated for a while.

I have to continue my editorial job at the Brewery City newspaper. Johnny was frustrated by his father’s departure, and that night he secretly left the plantation, with only a bundle.

On the way to Atlanta, Johnny becomes fascinated by the story of Uncle Remus (James Baskett) and the character Blair Rabbit. Meanwhile, the plantation’s other residents are desperately searching for Johnny. Although he evades detection, Uncle Remus eventually catches up with Johnny and offers him food for his trip back to the plantation.

On the way back, Uncle Remus tells the traditional African-American fairy tale “Blair Rabbit makes a dollar a minute.” In the story, Br’er Rabbit (Johnny Lee) decides to leave home but changes his mind after encountering Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear (James Baskett and Nick Stewart). increase. Inspired by the story, Johnny reconsiders his decision to run away and returns to his mother, led by Uncle Remus.

In A Song of the South, Johnny befriends Toby, a black boy who lives on a farm, and Ginny Favers, a poor white girl. When Ginny gave Johnny a puppy, her mother wouldn’t let Johnny have one, so she took the dog to Uncle Remus. Uncle Remus takes the dogs, tells stories about Blair Rabbit and Tar Baby, and emphasizes the importance of not getting involved in things that are none of their business. Johnny takes this advice.

Follow these tips and use reverse psychology to persuade Brother Farber. His mother works on a plan about the dog, but they end up telling Sally, Johnny’s upset mother. Sally tells Uncle Remus to stop talking to Johnny.

When Johnny’s birthday comes, Joe and Jake ruin Ginny’s dress and she runs away crying. Johnny fights with the boys but Uncle Remus stops him. He comforts depressed children by telling the story of “Blair’s Laughing Place”. Back at the farm, Sally is mad at Johnny for missing her own party and tells Uncle Remus not to hang out with her anymore. Uncle Remus packs his things and heads to Atlanta, but Johnny interrupts him and gets attacked by a cop. As Johnny jumps between life and death, Uncle Remus tells the story of how Johnny survived.

After recovering, Johnny reunites with Ginny and Toby and jumps with the dog. Uncle Remus watches the characters in his stories come to life and interacts with them. They reject all songs.

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Weight 100 g
Released Date

November 12, 1946 (Premiere: Atlanta, Georgia)


94 Minutes


Region Free – Play Worldwide


Live-action: Harve Foster / Animation: Wilfred Jackson

Produced by

Walt Disney

Based on

Uncle Remus by Joel Chandler Harris

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