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The Abduction Club 2002 DVD


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The Abduction Club 2002 DVD  Movie is now available for purchase. Features  Alice Evans,  Daniel Lapaine, and  Sophia Myles as the Main Cast. Best Quality DVD-R Transfer with Affordable and Fast Shipping Worldwide. Includes Cover art in a 7mm Jewel case.

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The Storyline of The Abduction Club

The “Abduction Club” is a notorious group of men who seduce, kidnap, and marry wealthy heiresses in 18th-century Ireland. Being younger sons, Garrett Byrne and James Strang are not eligible to receive titles or estates. They decide to target the Kennedy sisters in an effort to better their circumstances, but they are unprepared for both the young women’s response and the turmoil that will follow them.

Movie Details

Release date
July 19, 2002 (United Kingdom)

Countries of origin
The United Kingdom France Ireland Germany

English, Italian

Production companies
Canal+Film CouncilGruber Films

Source of Info  – IMDB

Main Cast

Alice Evans Alice Evans Catherine Kennedy
Daniel Lapaine Daniel Lapaine Garrett Byrne
Sophia Myles Sophia Myles Anne Kennedy
Matthew Rhys Matthew Rhys James Strang

Source ” IMDB

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Weight 100 g
Release Date

July 19, 2002 (United Kingdom)


96 Minutes


Region Free – Play Worldwide


Stefan Schwartz

Shipping & Packaging

Bubble wrap package
High-Quality DVD-R Disc on Printed Lable and 7mm Jewel Case with Cover Art.




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