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The Refrigerator 1991 DVD


The Refrigerator 1991 DVD  Movie is now available for purchase. Features   Julia McNeal,  Dave Simonds, and   Phyllis Salaberrios as the Main Cast. Best Quality DVD-R Transfer with Affordable and Fast Shipping Worldwide. Includes Cover art in a 7mm Jewel case.

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The Storyline of The Refrigerator

The Refrigerator 1991, A couple relocates to a poor New York apartment in a poor area. The refrigerator in the apartment is the only thing they enjoy about it. They gradually learn, though, that the refrigerator is a monster that murders people horribly before damning them to hell. The husband’s mind is already being taken over by the refrigerator. What will occur?

Movie Details

Release date
December 25, 1992 (Brazil)

Country of origin
United States


Filming locations
New York, USA

Production companies
Connexion Film Productions Avenue D Films

Source of Info  – IMDB

Main Cast

Julia McNeal Julia McNeal Eileen Bateman
Dave Simonds Dave Simonds Steve Bateman (as David Simonds)
Phyllis Salaberrios Phyllis Salaberrios The Mysterious Tanya (as Phyllis Sanz)
Angel Caban Angel Caban Juan the Plumber

Source ” IMDB

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Weight 100 g
Release Date

December 25, 1992 (Brazil)


87 Minutes


Region Free – Play Worldwide


Nicholas Jacobs

Shipping & Packaging

Bubble wrap package
High-Quality DVD-R Disc on Printed Lable and 7mm Jewel Case with Cover Art.




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