Li’l Abner DVD: A Classic Comedy to Add to Your Collection

Are you a fan of classic comedies? If so, you won’t want to miss out on the Li’l Abner DVD. This hilarious movie is based on the comic strip by Al Capp and will surely bring a smile.

About Li’l Abner

Li’l Abner is a classic comedy that was first released in 1959. The movie is based on the famous comic strip by Al Capp, which ran from 1934 to 1977. The story follows the adventures of the titular character, Li’l Abner Yokum, as he tries to save his hometown of Dogpatch from the clutches of an evil businessman.

What to Expect from the Li’l Abner DVD

If you’re a fan of the comic strip or classic comedies, you’ll love the Li’l Abner DVD. The movie features an all-star cast, including Peter Palmer as Li’l Abner, Leslie Parrish as Daisy Mae, and Stubby Kaye as Marryin’ Sam. The film is filled with hilarious gags and witty one-liners that will keep you laughing from start to finish.

Why You Should Add Li’l Abner DVD to Your Collection

If you’re looking for a classic comedy to add to your collection, the Li’l Abner DVD is an excellent choice. The movie is timeless and has been enjoyed by generations of comedy fans. Additionally, owning the DVD means you can enjoy the movie anytime, without relying on streaming services or cable TV.

Where to Buy the Li’l Abner DVD

If you’re ready to add the Li’l Abner DVD to your collection, there are a few places to purchase it. You can find it online at retailers like Amazon or eBay or check your local DVD store. No matter where you buy it, you’ll surely enjoy this classic comedy for years.


In conclusion, the Li’l Abner DVD is a classic comedy that will make you laugh. With its all-star cast and timeless humor, this movie is a must-have for any fan of classic comedies. So why not add it to your collection today?

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