What are Out of Print Movies?

Print movies are films that are no longer being produced or distributed by their original studios or owners. These films may have been released on VHS, DVD, or older formats like Betamax or Laserdisc. Some out-of-print movies are considered rare or collectible, while others are forgotten or lost to time.

Why Do Movies Go Out of Print?

There are various reasons why a movie may go out of print. One common sense is that the rights to the film have expired or been sold to a new owner, who may choose not to re-release the film. Other factors include changing market demands, low sales figures, or a lack of interest from the general public.

The Value of Out-of-Print Movies

While many out-of-print movies are forgotten, others have become highly valuable to collectors and movie enthusiasts. Some films are considered cult classics or were ahead of their time in artistic or storytelling style. For example, the movie “The Warriors” was not a commercial success when it was first released in 1979, it has since become a beloved cult classic with a dedicated fan base.

Finding Out of Print Movies

For those interested in tracking down out-of-print movies, there are a few different avenues to explore. Online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon can be good places to start, as can specialty stores that cater to movie collectors. Websites and forums are dedicated to sharing information and resources for tracking down hard-to-find films.

Restoring Out of Print Movies

Sometimes, out-of-print movies can be restored and re-released for modern audiences. This process involves cleaning up and enhancing the original film print and creating new digital versions for distribution on streaming platforms and physical media. Restoring out-of-print movies can be a laborious process, but it can also help to preserve important pieces of cinematic history for future generations.


Out-of-print movies may be lost to time, but they are remembered. For those passionate about film and its history, these movies represent an essential part of our cultural heritage. We can keep these cinematic gems alive for generations by seeking out and preserving print movies.

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