Seven Invisible Men 2005


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Seven Invisible Men Movie is now available for purchase. Features Dmitriy Podnozov, Rita Klein, and Aleksandre Saulov as the Main Cast. Best Quality DVD-R Transfer with Affordable and Fast Shipping Worldwide. Includes Cover art in a 7mm Jewel case.

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The Storyline of Seven Invisible Men

The mother, wife, and daughter of one of them live on an ancient crumbling state farm in Crimea, the southern tip of the former Soviet Union, where a bunch of dropouts, losers, and crooks ultimately arrive after traveling idly over countless abandoned homes and difficult roads in a stolen Mercedes. While the men pass the time by smoking, drinking, and gazing in front of them, anxiety is growing underneath. They throw a party on their last night that is just as destructive as their existence.

Movie Details

Release date
December 14, 2005 (France)

Countries of origin
Lithuania France Portugal Netherlands

Official site
Madragoa Films


Also known as
Seven Invisible Men

Production companies
Studio Kinema Gemini Films Madragoa Filmes

Source of Info  – IMDB

Main Cast

Dmitriy Podnozov Dmitriy Podnozov Vanechka
Rita Klein Rita Klein Masha
Aleksandre Saulov Aleksandre Saulov Pasha
Saakanush Vanyan Saakanush Vanyan Mila

Source ” IMDB

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Release Date

December 14, 2005 (France)


119 Minutes


Region Free – Play Worldwide


Sharunas Bartas

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Bubble wrap package
High-Quality DVD-R Disc on Printed Lable and 7mm Jewel Case with Cover Art.




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